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Live in Montreux Blu-Ray and DVD release!

Phil Collins Live at Montreux

Good day Phil fans!

A bit of news for you all...  Phil is releasing the Montreux performance from the First Final Farewell Tour.  Release dates are as follows:

Territory  Blu-Ray DVD
UK 26th March 30th April
USA/Canada 27th March 27th March
Germany 23rd March 23rd March
Ireland 23rd March 27th April
France 27th March 27th March
Benelux 26th March 26th March
Scandinavia 26th March 26th March
Italy 27th March 27th March
Poland 26th March 2nd April
South Africa 26th March 26th March
Spain 26th March 26th March
Austria 23rd March 23rd March
Switzerland 23rd March

23rd March

We also can now announce these official release dates for the following territories:

Japan:  Both formats will release on 4 April

Australia:  Both formats will release on 30 March

South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile):  DVD on 15 April, Blu-Ray on 25 April

Southeast Asia: Both formats will release on 26 March

Enjoy the music!



I have it on Blu-Ray & love it of course! :)


Posted 3 an 19 semaines ago

So excited to hear Phil Collins is releasing his Montreux performance from the First Final Farewell Tour.  Phil's Big Band sounds amazing!  


Posted 3 an 23 semaines ago

Hi Zorknapp...thanks for the info...nice to know someone can be bothered to reply.....  


Posted 3 an 23 semaines ago

It is the performance from Montreux on the same tour, so it's more that you're getting a different performance.  Also, the bonus material is quite extensive, and the Blu-Ray picture is quite good, even better than a regular DVD.  


Posted 3 an 23 semaines ago

Em...I have the Final Farewell Tour DVD...what's the difference with this concert ?  


Posted 3 an 24 semaines ago

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