Jason Bonham reflects on his top drummers!

Good day Phil Fans!

Jason Bonham, drummer, writes on his 5 top drummers of all time, and Phil makes the list.  Check out the article at this link, to see what Bonham says about Phil, and who the other drummers on his list are!


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Genesis win Lifetime Achievement Award

Good day Phil fans:

Genesis were awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the first ever Progressive Music award show.

You can read about the award ceremony at the BBC News website.


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Phil in US Top 10!

Good day Phil fans!

Phil's "Hits" album has hit the Top 10 in the United States!  Amazon ran a special on the disc, initially issued in 1998, which drove it to the number 6 spot for this past week.  Check out this article for the details.


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More Alamo, and a reissue review...

Good day Phil fans!

One of the mentions that has come up about Phil recently relates to the Alamo book, and can be found here at WFJA - North Carolina.  


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